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Saw The Avengers again today and it woke up all my feels. Time for an Avengers GIF spam!

Okay so it’s like a mini GIF spam but still. AVENGERS.

#The Avengers    #gif spam    

I bought a bottle of wine at 9:41 in the morning. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO ME. :D

(Yes, I did just GIF spam myself. SHUT UP IT’S MY BIRTHDAY I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.)

#21ST BIRTHDAY    #THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES    #FINALLY I CAN BUY MY OWN DAMN WINE WHEN I WANT TO MAKE MARINARA SAUCE    #yeah I'm excited because I can buy my own alcohol for cooking    #not for drinking    #cooking    #does that tell you anything about my life?    #because it should    #GIF SPAM